First Timer’s Guide

Make the most of your First Experience

Everything you need to know

How do I buy Muscatine Symphony Orchestra Tickets?

The easiest way is right here!  Tickets are also available at the door.

Where should I sit?

Although you’ll be able to enjoy the orchestra’s music from any seat in the hall, your viewing experience will vary based on your chosen location. Some concertgoers opt for seats on the main floor, nearer to the stage, to get a clear view of the conductor and guest artists. Alternatively, others prefer balcony seats, offering a panoramic view of the entire stage.

What should I wear?

Every day, casual clothes are just fine at our concerts; this is Iowa, after all.  On the other hand, going the Symphony is a great excuse to dress up for a fun night out if that’s more your style.

How early should I arrive?

For your inaugural concert experience, it’s recommended to aim for an arrival approximately 30-45 minutes prior to the showtime.  This timeframe allows you the opportunity to find convenient parking, explore the venue, browse the program book,  and choose your seat.

What if I arrive late?

We understand; sometimes it happens.  Our team will help you find a seat that doesn’t disrupt the performance and others in attendance.

When do I clap?

Give those performers a round of applause! Clapping isn’t just a way to say “Bravo!” – it’s like our musical energy drink. 🎶 And if you’re wondering when to start clapping, no need to stress – just hop on the applause train once it’s left the station! 🚂👏

How long are concerts?

Each concert is different, but most last approximately 2 hours with an intermission.

Can I bring my kids?

The MSO welcomes children, particularly since introducing them to classical music at an early age often helps them develop a deeper appreciation of music.  Remember, MSO tickets are always FREE to those 18 and younger!  We only ask that families with very young children to sit near an exit to help facilitate a quick and quiet exit should the need arise.

Can I use my phone in concerts?

We’re all about capturing those magical moments with your phone, and even joining the social media party. But, as the lights dim and the music starts to flow, we kindly request you put your phone on silent mode – it’s showtime! 🤫🎶

Remember, the prime time for picture-perfect moments is just before the conductor takes the stage and right after the final note. 📸🎵

Where should I go to eat before or after the concert?

Check out our list of restaurants here.

Do I need to know anything about the music before I come?

Absolutely not!  That’s the great thing about music – it has a way of reaching all of us.

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