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Brian Dollinger

Brian Dollinger

Music Director & Conductor

Music Director & Conductor

Brian Dollinger

During the 2021-22 MasterWorks Season, Maesto Brian Dollinger will continue into his 18th season as the Conductor and Music Director of the Muscatine Symphony Orchestra.  He is continuing into his 15th season as the Music Director & Conductor of the Clinton Symphony Orchestra as well.

He continues in the position of Music Director & Conductor a the ballet company on the Big Island of Hawaii named the West Hawaii Dance Theatre and Academy.  In 2016, he was appointed the new Artistic Director & Conductor for the Hawaii-based Kamuela Philharmonic Orchestra. He has been successfully renewed as artistic leader of the Philharmonic.

His charisma, energy, technical clarity, deep musical passion continues to inspire musicians and audiences alike across the country.

Whether on the concert stage performing masterworks or pops, or in the orchestra pit conducting opera and ballet, his personable approach combined with his clear conducting technique have come together to create a fun, inviting, energetic, and enriching atmosphere at each rehearsal and performance. He has conducted a variety of orchestras including the Georgia Symphony Orchestra, Quad Cities Symphony Orchestra, Northwest Indiana Symphony Orchestra, Marion Philharmonic Orchestra, Idaho Falls Symphony Orchestra, Muncie Symphony Orchestra, and most recently the Chamber Orchestra of New York.

Maestro Dollinger has a passion for teaching, conducting, and mentoring young musicians. This has led to a number of conducting positions with educational institutions and organizations. These include Bradley University, Central Illinois Youth Symphony, Illinois Wesleyan Civic Orchestra, Ball State University Symphony Orchestra, and the East Central Indiana Youth Symphony Orchestra. He is also a frequent conductor and clinician for various youth string festivals, competitions and workshops.

“There are many fine conductors in this country who really know what they’re doing and those who work extremely well with artists and audiences. There are only a few who excel at not only both of those skills but who also get their orchestras to play to their best abilities… Brian Dollinger hits the trifecta and his ebullient personality and warmth on stage are simply bonuses that come with the package.”

Steve March-Tormé

Guest artist & entertainer


The string section is the heart and soul of the orchestra, where violins, violas, cellos, double basses and harps come together in a symphony of silken strings. They’re like a group of elegant dancers, gracefully gliding through melodies, leaping into vigorous rhythms, and twirling into lush harmonies. Whether they’re whispering in tender, hushed tones or sweeping the audience off their feet with passionate crescendos, the strings always weave a tapestry of emotions that tug at the heartstrings. 🎻💃🎶


The woodwind section is the orchestra’s enchanting circle of musical magicians, wielding flutes, clarinets, oboes, and bassoons like wands to cast spellbinding melodies. They’re the whimsical storytellers, weaving tales through their airy tunes, fluttering from delicate whispers to soaring high notes. Whether they’re playing mischievous piccolo solos or painting serene landscapes with bassoon lines, the woodwinds add a sprinkle of magic and mystery to every performance. 🌬️🎵✨


The brass section is the orchestra’s bold and brassy powerhouse, where trumpets, trombones, French horns, and tubas bring the musical fireworks! They’re like the superheroes of the orchestra, swooping in to save the day with their majestic fanfares and deep, rumbling melodies. Whether they’re blasting out triumphant themes or adding a dash of golden shimmer to the music, the brass players are always ready to turn up the drama and excitement. 🎺🎶✨


The percussion section is the orchestra’s rhythmic backbone and the spice rack of sound, where drums, cymbals, xylophones, and an array of exotic instruments come alive. They’re like the wizards of rhythm and texture, casting pulsating beats and adding unexpected splashes of color with each tap, crash, and jingle. Whether they’re laying down the heartbeat of a symphony or creating a whirlwind of thrilling effects, the percussionists are the dynamic pulse that keeps the music dancing and the audience’s toes tapping! 🥁🎉🎶

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