Mission and Goals

The Muscatine Symphony Orchestra is supported by a voluntary board of directors under the Muscatine Symphony Orchestra Association’s (MSOA) umbrella, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization since 2003.  The association through the board of directors, supports the operational and financial activities of the Symphony.

A guild of many volunteers also helps with the logistics before, during and after concert activities.

The Mission of The MSOA

“The mission of the Muscatine Symphony Orchestra Association is to enrich the cultural life of the Greater Muscatine Community by presenting and maintaining symphonic music of the highest quality and by providing comprehensive music education opportunities to the Muscatine area.”

MSOA’s Goal

The goal of the association is to attract a solid core of playing musicians, build a strong foundation of financial support, and present, maintain and educate the city, county and surrounding communities in regards to quality symphonic music.  Our promise to the community is to always strive, to always challenge, to always seek improvement on this pathway to excellence.