Miriam Garrett


Miriram Garrett has been performing with the Muscatine Symphony Orchestra since 2004.


Her earliest musical memory, “…is sitting in my piano teacher’s front room with my sisters, waiting for my piano lesson to start.  I was in early elementary school.  My piano teacher was Maggie Tiecke and she was wonderful!”


“I have so many favorite composers, but among the top of my list are Dvorak, Mozart, and Copland.”


With her many years of performing for the MSO, what could be her most memorable?  “I have many special MSO performance memories!  Several years ago, Jan Phillips and I did an oboe duet for one of the concert [“Entrance of the Queen of Sheba”].  We practiced so hard for that and I think we were proud of how it went when it was done.  I also remember working really hard towards the “Rhapsody in Blue” performance with the MSO.  I was in college at the time and was working on the piece with my oboe professor.  He has since passed away, so working on that music holds a special memory for both my MSO performances and growth as a musician.”